Hey Wild Goose!

It was great spending time with you this week! Wild Goose is one of my favorite events–I'm so encouraged by the work of making our faith more accommodating to all.

My first book comes out in September. You can learn more about it below–but in short it's about my journey out of faith and into atheism–and my crazy experience with a God I no longer believed in. From there, I explore the science of spiritual experiences, in search of a God I could love without feeling like a fraud.

Maybe you can relate.

I've been working with my publisher to create some special bonuses for people who preorder the book. We're drawing a name every month to send an early copy of the book, plus we'll announce more bonuses every month between now and launch.

I hope you love the book–I wrote it in response to the thousands of emails I get every month about science and faith.

Peace, love, entropy,

Science Mike